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Information about our privacy policy and shipping policy. Last Edited on 2018-05-18

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We have two shipping options, one is International Registered Priority Mail, the other is DHL.

All of the Otto's DIY products are prepared for shipping with careful packaging.
We use bubble mailers and additional bubble wrap on the items to make sure the edges deal no damage to the bubble mailer.

As a small business, constantly working on various projects, we decided to ship orders with option '1.)' once a week and option '2.)' in 3 business days.

1.) International Registered Priority Mail

Under this option, we hand out the packages to the Hungarian Post named Magyar Posta.
All of the packages are sent out under Priority and Registered terms.

The package arrives faster to the destination. The postal services (both domestic and international) will handle these packages prior to non-priority mails.

The package has a tracking number, therefor we can prove that the package was shipped.

Estimated shipping times (based on information provided by the Hungarian Post):

-EU, Europe: 3-5 working days
-Third Countries (like USA/Australia/etc): 5-10 working days

According to experiences with national post offices, shipping may take to European countries 1-2 weeks, third countries 2-3 weeks.

Although the international postal services do their best to deliver mails, in some cases there may be issues.
In case of a damaged or lost package and simply if you don't receive your package in 30 business days, contact us and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

2.) DHL

If you choose DHL shipping, we ship your package in ~3 business days. As soon as DHL picks up the package, we send the tracking information to you.

The estimated shipping time can be traced with the tracking number. DHL refers to 3-5 business day shipping worldwide.

We are shipping under the incoterm EXW.