Gold Kit

Four set of Otto's DIY Core components and Third Party Components.

The Gold Kit

This kit include every important part of the Otto's DIY prototyping and module building ecosystem. Otto's DIY Gold Kit allows you to build up to four modules.

Parts included:

  • 4pcs - Stripboard-480
  • 4pcs - Protoboard-1120
  • 4pcs - PowerBrick + Hardware
  • 25pcs - 3.5mm Mono Socket
  • 25pcs - 9mm Potentiometer B10K

Specifications of the DIY panels:

Stripboard-480 Protoboard-1120
  • 8 HP eurorack compatible
  • 12x40 prototyping-area
  • Breadboard-style strip layout
  • 16 HP eurorack compatible
  • 28x40 prototyping-area
  • Pad per hole layout
  • Double sided plated through-hole connections
  • Easy to solder square pads
  • Optional case grounding/shielding
  • 10 easy-access ground connections
  • Break-away tabs for stackable designs

Specifications of the PowerBrick:

  • Supply noise filtering
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Over-voltage clamping
  • Current limiting
  • Status indicator LED
  • 10 & 16 pin busboard connection

Every PowerBrick unit comes with a Hardware package. This includes 10 mm standoffs, M2 bolts, nuts and a 16pin IDC busboard cable to power your module.

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  • Model: ODK04